Hudson had a splenectomy for a blood disorder at the Royal Children's Hospital. Permission given by Hudson's parents to publish this photograph.
People without a spleen (asplenia) or have one that isn’t working (hyposplenism) have a lifelong increased risk of getting a severe bacterial infection.

The spleen filters the blood and removes bacteria. It does this by providing a reservoir of a specific group of white blood cells (macrophages) that are made in the bone marrow. The main job of these white blood cells is to destroy harmful bacteria. The most common bacteria that cause infections in people without a functioning spleen function are pneumococcus, meningococcus and Haemophilus influenzae type B. These bacteria are in the community eg. in the supermarket or cinema so it is difficult to avoid coming into contact with them.

Spleen Australia aims to prevent serious infections in people without a functioning spleen by informing people of the many strategies to reduce these infections. Importantly we provide over the phone education and educational material to patients, their families and medical practitioners. All registered people receive an education kit that contains lots of information on how to reduce the risk of infections and also contains: vaccine and alert cards and our annual newsletter (newsletters are available on this website).

Spleen Australia provides information and optimal timing of vaccine administration; informs people of the role of antibiotics and provides education on how to stay healthy.

If you register you will receive a raft of information in the education kit and will be sent our annual newsletters.

Currently we are funded to register people who live Victoria, Tasmania or Queensland.

Our logo – it is a spleen inside the letters “ID”, these letter stand for “infectious diseases” – as that is what we are trying to prevent!

Service Agreements with
  • Department of Health, Victoria
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
  • Queensland Health
  • Syd and Ann Wellard Perpetual Trust
  • Marian & E H Flack Trust